For Life

Bird Chain Technology

We start a new life without negativity on the side of us all. make the world better with smart algorithm


Bird Chain Socialfi

Our social network will support your activities to interact in cyberspace, more easily and be on the blockchain network, because we know everything will be blockchain in time


Bird Smart Chain

Blockchain enhancements are on screen 1 , and are used by all agencies and companies for their business continuity. Even make something that you never imagined before

Bird Chain Benefit

the advantages of all platform users who use our technology


Our technology is layered with 1001 security so that it will be difficult for hackers to penetrate our security system

Profit Sharing

Our blockchain technology will benefit partners who build their platforms on top of our blockchain network

Business Turnover

Our business turnaround will strengthen Birdchain's fundamentals and other business developments


What is Bird Chain

Bird chain is a social network that will focus on decentralized autonomous organisms (DAO) which will create its own layer 1 BLOCKCHAIN with a PoS consensus And develop SocialFi using WEB3 technology

Bird Chain Build a Ecosystem

we create our own ecosystem

Bird Creative

Our creative team will continue to develop their expertise in the field of graphic design.

Bird Labs

The Bird labs team is looking for and even giving directions to a good project and has high credibility

Bird Academy

Without paying any fees we will help everyone to learn about , programs, crypto, and blockchain systems

Bird Analyst

Bird analyst deficit will accommodate and observe crypto market activity and submit the data to Bird companies as market analysis material

Bird Funder

The deficit funder will disburse funds to projects that have good prospects in the future, this funder will dig up the information provided by the deficit Bird analyst

Bird Career

Career deficit will give hope for everyone to join us, with the ability they have

Bird Chain Support Network

the first time we will be on the BNBchain network and will bridge to the Bird Smart Chain network

Bridge to